Dr. Michael Wren

Senior Pastor at Hephzibah Baptist Church

Our Tangible Hope

Great Day of Our Hope

Shaped By Hope

Facing Your Future Without Masks

Facing Your Future with Courage

Facing Your Future With Urgency

Facing Your Future with Readiness

Facing Your Future with Gospel Passion

Facing Your Future with Accounts Settled

Ruined by Sin

A Heart for the Lord

When God Says, 'No'

A Life of Distinction

Guarding Your Heart

No One Like Our God

The Lord of the Church

A Believers' Church

Believer's Baptism

The Lord's Supper

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Facing Your Future

Called to Distinction

Church Matters

Birth of the Church

Jesus Above All

Ruth: A Story of Grace

Live Nativity

Hephzibah Baptist will present a walk-thru Living Nativity on Saturday, Dec. 17th and Sunday, Dec. 18th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.